The Hinterland Way

There’s no better feeling than laying fresh tracks on an open field of untouched snow. A blank canvas, where you are the painter and your skis are the brush. An unparalleled connection between you and nature.

Nestled in the heart of Utah’s Wasatch Mountains, our team of fine wood-workers, master engineers and innovative designers take a meticulous approach to crafting the highest quality, top performing skis in the industry.

At Hinterland, we build each ski by hand, plain and simple. We see and feel every piece of material that goes into every ski. There are no automated machines moving our product through a production line. Our passion for skiing resonates throughout the process resulting in painstaking care and precision.


A well-built ski will last a lifetime


Proudly Made in the USA

American manufacturing used to be known for producing high quality, dependable goods that were built to last. Somewhere along the way, the flame went out. Skis are mostly produced en masse, where quality and craftsmanship are compromised for a lower price.

The Hinterland mission is to reignite the flame of the American heritage. We are determined offer a well-built, long lasting product. From the skilled hands that engineered and built your skis to the material selection inside; Hinterland is driven by quality and performance.


Our Ski Lineups


19/20 Lineup

Over the past 10 years we’ve made and sold more than 100 unique shapes. From these we’ve chosen our top 5 favorites to include in the 2019/2020 lineup.



 Every skier skis differently. Here at Hinterland we offer custom designed flex patterns so that your skis are perfectly fit to you.


The 1of1’s

We’re all about shapes and do endless amounts of prototyping. Our 1of1’s series features some skis that you’ll never see anywhere else.